About me

As Electrical Engineer I worked for 30 years in industry. Incidentally, I have always been passionate about processing wood and combining it with electrical engineering. The beauty and variety of many species of wood fascinate me, so that my wooden works always allow a view of the wood grain. At the beginning of 2017, I turned my passion into profession and now I manufacture individual unique products that allow me to combine electrical engineering and wood. The name of my company BoscoLuce is also an indication of my portfolio. Bosco: Forest stands for the varied offer of natural forests on different woods and Luce: light stands for lighting. For a few years, LED technology has offered almost unlimited options for putting objects in the right light.

With my products, I follow the philosophy: simple, valuable, sustainable and focused on the essentials.
Under the sustainability of my products I understand, they must be used "afterwards" meaningful, possibly over generations. Only then are they really successful. This is my contribution towardst the “throwaway society”.
I look forward to your inquiry and the opportunity to make dreams of wood and light come true together with you.