Shoe cabinet made of solid ash wood: When the doors are opened, the inside of the cabinet is automatically illuminated by LED profiles and gives you a complete overview of your private shoe paradise.

matured wood mirror: Oak beams were rescued from centuries-old demolished houses and sustainably reused in a large wall mirror.

Home office: In line with the limited space of only 9 m2 available and according to the customer's taste, a feel-good "home office" was designed.

Living room Sideboard and display cabinet on the wall. Material mix as a combination of oak veneer and white decor. Indirect LED lighting on the back; dimmable:

Massage table made of  stone pine. For the massage practice Phatchari Thai Massage in Munich (www.phatchari-massage.de) a special massage table was designed, which transmits as much as possible the whole massage energy to the body and has virtually no natural oscillations. The stone pine wood was chosen because of the pleasant scent of the essential oils contained in it, which provides an additional relaxing effect. It was stained darkly to match the color in the practice in the Asian style.

Table lamp: Glass cube on solid oak base. LED lighting red / green and 4 spot lights individually controllable via remote control.

Table with ceramics in Moorish design. Tiles  from Tunisia handmade:

Chest of Swiss stone pine. Cover with original Mexican handcrafted ceramic tiles:

Office cabinet : background as photo wallpaper with customer-selected digital photo motifs configurable:

Bathroom, mirror solid oak, indirect LED lighting (from behind) in warm white:

Toilet mirror with direct LED lighting from the front in warm white:

Specchio dorato con illuminazione indiretta e diretta a bande LED:

Illuminated display case in solid beech, whitewashed.
Lighting with 4 LED spots and 2 LED glass floor lights. The brightness of each luminaire can be set individually via remote control and a total of six different light scenarios
can be stored:

Ceiling lighting with indirect lighting as encircling LED strip and swiveling LED spots.
Brightness and color temperature adjustable via Bluetooth: remote control or smartphone APP:

Wardrobe in solid oak about 4 m long with stool and shoe cabinet.
With integrated LED lighting:

Dining table in solid oak. By simply turning 90 degrees and unfolding, the table surface can be doubled quickly.
On customer request table top in the same design as the parquet floor:

Double bed in solid beech, whitewashed with indirect lighting on the headboard.
230V socket and USB interface for charging smartphones or tablet computers:

Seat in solid oak / old wood oiled with integrated Indian ceramic tile:

TV furniture.
The customer request was a solid wood panel in solid oak, which corresponded to the parquet floor,
and an integration of the existing subwoofer. The furniture fronts should match the color of the subwoofer:

Renovation of an old bench.
Replacement of defective parts and replacement with stainless steel fittings
and weatherproof wood. the cast iron parts were derusted and repainted: